All art instruction pages (etc.) that link from this one are only here for my own personal use.  I DID NOT create them (although I wish I had!).  I have just put them here so that I can use them for my own personal growth as an artist.  If I have not included credit to the owner or creator of each tutorial, I am very sorry, and I will be more than happy to do so if someone will provide me with that information.


This is the Main Index for the Perspective Tutorial.  Navigate through the lessons by using this Index or by using the Buttons at the Bottom of Each Page.

Linear Perspective

Introduction to Linear Perspective.

Exteriors (one point); Horizon Lines and Vanishing Points.
Interiors (one point); When Construction Lines are Obscured.
Creating a Perfect Square in One-point Perspective
Drawing Circles in One-point Perspective
Drawing Grids and Tile Floors in One-point Perspective
Calculating Diminishing Size in Linear Perspective
Exteriors (two point); Looking at an Object's Corner.
Interiors (two point); Looking Into a Corner.
Inclines; How to Find Roof Pitches and Declines.
Shadow Vanishing Points; Casting Shadows.
Three-Point Perspective; Worm's Eye and Bird's Eye Views.

Atmospheric Perspective

Shading (Value)

Depth and Atmosphere

Grayscale and PlanarChanges in Value.

Finding Approximate Placement of Verticals in Two-Point Perspective

Using Perspective to Draw Architectural Columns

Creating a Spiral Staircase in Perspective

Forced Perspective in Theatre Sets