Preferred Sites....     More Java and DHTML Scripts


Recommended Resource Sites - Examples, Forum, Tutorials, Tools

JavaScript Kit      
Formerly Website Abstraction, one of the most well presented sites on the net. Award winning tutorials and top forum.

The JavaScript Gate      
A site loaded with script tutorials and tips for the experienced and novice.      
All scripts on this site come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, along with examples of each.      
A top site containing links to many examples of javascripts and other scripts on the net.

Dynamic Drive      
The premier place to obtain DHTML scripts and components. All scripts take advantage of the latest in JavaScript and DHTML technology .

DHTML Central      
A highly recommended site with numerous top quality cross browser dhtml scripts.

Dynamic HTML Lab      
A site dedicated to dhtml with plenty of tutorials and a few examples.

DHTML Shock      
A moderate selection of mostly submitted DHTML scripts and tutorials/articles, also a support forum.

Specialist Resource Sites - Selective Original Scripts

A small selection of DHTML and Javascript menus and effects.

Home of the Famous top quality script called OverLib.

Soft Complex      
A selection of dhtml navigation menus and other javascript tools.

General Resource Sites - Mostly examples, or tutorials/articles, or links to examples on other sites

Javascript - The Complete Gate      
A top script resource site linking to scripts on other sites.

Doc Javascript      
Maybe the largest collection of up-to-date tutorials and tips on the net.

An interesting site of javascript and dhtml experiments.

Focus On Javascript      
A dedicated site with many tutorials, script examples and links to other sites.

AceJS - JavaScripts       
A new site optimized for IE browsers containing many javascript examples.      
Loads of original DHTML scripts. Unfortunately also loads of adverts and click-throughs.

Javascript Search      
A small selection of javascripts. Code can be hard to extract from the page source.

A site specializing in javascript tutorials for beginners.

JavaScript Tutorials      
One of the best tutorial sites on the net but too many adverts.      
Tons of visitor submitted scripts, lots of adverts, loads of script errors.

JavaScript Corral      
An old site but has a few good scripts. Watch for click-throughs!!      
A javascript portal site linking to scripts, tips and tutorials on other sites.

A selection of javascript menus, Navigation Java menu applets and DHTML navigation tools.

Programmers Heaven      
Another script resource site linking to scripts on other sites.

The Javascript Source      
One of the largest collections of script examples on the net.      
Not to be confused with, mostly a link site to scripts and tutorials on its own network of sites.      
A good selection of javascript and dhtml from the codebrain group, well worth a visit.

Javascript Weenie      
Lots of tutorials, and articles can be found at this site .      
An easy to navigate but slow site with a good selection of javascripts.

Javascript City      
A small but good selection of javascripts can be found here.

DevGuru Javascript      
A large javascript quick reference site including many examples.

Nic's Javascript Page      
A well established site with a variety of original scripts. Just watch the click-thoughs hiding amongst the example links.

Timothy's JavaScript Examples      
An old site no longer maintained, but has a few good scripts.      
A script resource site linking to scripts on other sites.