Software Fix
Binary, Source

Update: Windows 9x, XP

  The RealPhx worm is spread through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and Internet Explorer. It creates a link in a person's AIM profile. When the link is clicked, it installs itself onto their computer.  This RealPhx fix / fix / fix terminates the virus process, removes the virus files, and patches the users registry.

*UPDATE: Fixes "Happy Holidays Everyone!! New Years 2003 Partayy!" variant.

1. Click Binary
Click "Open" to scan instantly (Recommended due to RealPhx worm updates)
After you run the fix, you have to manually delete the link in your profile.

*DO NOT click a link that leads to or they are realphx variants.
*DO NOT download the RealPhx fix provided by or related sites.