Read this before you download the program.  Keep this page open or, if the program says to close everything during the installation, close it and reopen it after it installs so you can have access to the info below, because you will need it.  

(It's easier than I'm making it sound.)

I don't remember the steps you will have to go through to install this, but at some point you will need to put in, it looks like, two Keys (the first is like a user name and the second like a serial number). It might be during the installation or it might not be until after you install it and actually run it for the first time. Or, you might not have to do it at all for the first 30 days or so, in which case you can just use it and I can help you when I get home.

If you do have to enter them, try using the following info first. Copy and paste the info if you can; otherwise, be sure to type it in EXACTLY as you see it here (just type what is inside the " " -- do NOT include the quotation marks, though). And remember, case matters!!!

This is what I have for my copy of the program.

For Key 1: "MARCODEN"

For Key 2: "45607806945607807501"

If that doesn't work, try these two:

For Key 1: "H6ESXN83YZC4P9RX"


If neither sets of keys work, let me know and I will send you 
a patch that you can try.

Here is the program (right cick and save target as).




ps   The train is blowing its whistle right now and a cool wind is lightly blowing in the smells of the country through the window.  It's fantastic and I wish you guys were here.  You would love it.  I am in Mandy's old room.  Tom is asleep on the bed.  The room is all changed around.  It smells so earthy and good, and I can hear the train on the tracks in the distance.  It's incredible.  We seriously need to get out of the city.