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Even if you run a firewall, keep your virus definitions updated, and don't run 
attachments that are e-mailed to you, you may still be at risk. 
Browser vulnerabilities can allow intruders into your system 
or allow your private data to be read just by viewing a web page. 
What follows are a series of  tests to see whether you are vulnerable.


Get checked out with these FREE online utilities!


Bandwidth Tests
Modem Speed
Measure the download speed of graphics & info to your machine.
Cable/DSL Speed



Browser Security Tests
Check the security of your PC's connection.  
These sites offer free port scans and other security and privacy checks and information.

Jason's Toolbox
     ShieldsUp BrowserSpy  
  TestMyFirewall  Audit   My   PC  

Port and Trojan Search

Enter your information below.  A port number, such as 80 in the port field will display all services, Trojans and viruses that are known to use this port.  Type sub in the 'Data to Search For' field, and all the services, Trojans and viruses with sub in their name will be displayed.

Ports can have numbers from 1 to 65535:

  • The Well Known Ports are those from 0 through 1023
  • The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151
  • The Dynamic / Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535

SpywareInfo -
Test your browser for ActiveX vulnerabilities.
Is It Spyware?
Just enter the name of the software and see...
Complete Spyware Product Listing
by Category
There are some "Spyware Removal" programs out there that are actually spyware themselves.  
Here are a few to watch out for.



Want to know how to
Stop Those Annoying 
Messenger Service Popups


Spyware related links


Security related website.  Has a large collection of things to look out for.

One of the best resources about spyware. It even has a small online check.


Security & privacy resources


Good basic info on Spyware


Good resource on browser hijackers.

Another security-related website.
Security in general


Comprehensive web-browser-analysis tool. Shows what information your browser is passing to sites visited.


Can list and fix many problems relating to homepage- and search-hijackers.


Keeps track of programs-run-on-startup settings and has various miscellaneous monitoring functions.

Home of BrowserSpy, a collection of pages telling you everything about your browser.

PGP International

(means Pretty Good Privacy) Encryption and signing software. Integrates into Outlook Express, Mozilla and other mailers.

Spyware Blaster

Protects your PC from downloading some types of parasites, and stops others from working. But it can only target ActiveX controls, so it is not a complete solution.


Free Pop-Up stopper for Internet Explorer from PanicWare.

Spybot - S&D

The best (according to PC World, PC Mag, ...) free privacy software available.  Finds and removes spy/adware.  

Spy Chaser 

Lists known spyware programs and lets you enter a program name to see if it's on this list before you install them. 


This popup and ad blocker also works with every browser. It has by far the most configuration options, making it difficult to control for newbies, but the perfect tool for advanced users. Free.


Popup and ad blocker for Windows. Works with every browser (as a proxy). Also removes referrers, WebBugs, and filters cookies.


Firewall, with free version available from their website. Not very much configuration options, but easy for novices.


Fast and comfortable browser alternative to IE.


New browser - works over MSIE


Ad-free chat software that connects to the major services (AOL/AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, IRC)


Fast and comfortable browser alternative to IE.


An excellent Intrusion Detection System.


Virus Checkers

Panda ActiveScan - Free Online Virus Check





Misc Windows/Computer Help

Computer Hints and Tips to Bring You Back From the Edge

PC Guide   - Detailed PC reference.
PC Pitstop   - Tune up your PC online.
InfiniSource  - Download Boot Disks here!
Ultimate Boot
DUX Computer Digest
Microsoft Critical Update Scan
- Scans your pc; tells you which updates you need.
Windows 95  - Using windows and upgrades to 2000.
Windows 98  - MSN's easy to read and navigate explanation of Win 98.
Xpert Site  - Expert advice with computer problems.
Web Help  - Ask a person for help on a specific problem.
Help Talk  - Lost about computer stuff and need help?  Ask them.
InfiniSource - Windows info, updates, tech how-to,  tips and tricks
5 Star Support  - Free tech help.
Windows Help
IE Setup
IE Repair
Practically Networked

Windows Process Libraries
The WinTasks Process Library contains information about all common Windows processes and is continously updated with new information. On the following pages you can find a subset of the most popular processes listed in the
WinTasks Process Library.


System Processes

Security Risks
Windows Registry  
  Windows Guide Network Technical resources and support for tweaking, managing and securing the Windows operating system using the registry, scripting and security. 
  Registry Tweaks for Windows 98 Lots of good information on different tweaks to your registry to make windows run better for you.
  Using the Windows Registry Lots of information about your registry.
  Registry Tips Lots of Tips and Tweaks for your Registry here.
  Repairing the Windows Registry How to use their registry tools and repair your registry. From Easy Desk Software.
  User Options and the Windows Registry- Hacks Lots of Tips and How-to's on altering your Windows Registry to make Windows work better for you.
  Windows 95 Tips- Registry A lot of good information here.  If you want to read thru this site, make sure you have a lot of time.
Windows Tweaks and Tips
An excellent resource for Windows XP Tips, Fixes and Utilities! Plus much more... "I've put together a lot of information from various sources, to help you find answers to the problems some users have with Windows XP. I've also put together some commonly requested tweaks and tips to make XP work the way you want it to."
  The The Elder Geek on Windows XP Has bugs and fixes, features, system requirements, performance benefits, system tools, upgrade issues and lots more. XP Tips and Tweaks
  Pureperformance Tweaks and Tips for Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/2003 to tune performance and stability with software configuration secrets. Easy to follow step by step instructions.
Beta Operating System Resource This has tons of information about Windows 2000. Has bugs and fixes, features, system requirements, performance benefits, system tools, upgrade issues and lots more.
John Savill's FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about Windows NT, Windows 2000
Tech Enthusiast Tricks If you’re interested in unique shortcuts or problem-solving methods, check here for tips and tricks submitted by IT pros, members of the Windows 2000 development team, and your fellow geeks.
bitpipe Find dozens of tips on troubleshooting, optimizing, saving time, and more for administrators of servers running Windows 2000.
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page Lots of clear and concise information here!  Includes:  Tips and Tricks, Software listings, Application, Installation and Networking information + more.
How to Increase System Resources From HP Customer Service.  They show you how to increase your system resources in a number of ways. 
PC 911- Windows 95/98 Get to know your computer with the help of this well organized site.  Many tips and Tricks to help you become comfortable with your operating system.
PH.Net Windows TroubleShooting Tweek your Windows operating system.  Provides bug vix's for missing VxD & DLL files.   A good source of information.
Microsoft Personnal Online Support Find out the cause and possible solutions to some error messages you might be getting.
Windows 98 Critical Updates Download critical Windows 98 updates here.
Windows 98 Annoyances This is by no means a windows bash site.  They just know what makes Windows tick.  You will find many topics of information here.  
Windows 98 Central- Support Get lots of tips and fixes here.
Inside Windows 98 A world of knowledge here.  There are many chapters of topics that go into great detail.  Great Site!
Windows 98 Orientation Has the following topics:  Installation and setup tips, Multimedia, Troubleshooting and Tech Tips.
CMPnet Very good resource.  Lots of tips, upgrades, books, other resources and lots more.
The Trouble with Windows At this site you can look for a quick fix or an in-depth explanation to your Windows problems: Browse their articles or use their search engines in the question and answer section.
ResourceLink ResourceLink provides direct access to complete Resource Kits, Training Kits, and other titles, as well as the latest technical updates, tools, and utilities-straight from Microsoft.
Tips & Tricks
Win98 Magazine Lots of Tips and Tricks for Windows 95/98/NT users.  Visit their Tips Forum or their Tips Database.
PC 911 Has a large collection of Tips to help you get to know your Windows Operating System.
Acky.Net 101+ Tips for Windows.  This also has many subjects relating to Web Authoring.
WinFiles A very extensive listing of Tips & Tricks to cover many areas of computing.  Also has many other subjects.  A great source for Tech Support also.
ZDNet Under the Tips category, you will find many tips and how to's.  This site has many categories of information at your disposal for all Windows operating systems.
Virtual Dr. Another great source for "Loads of Tips"
This site is packed with information for all Windows operating systems.
Malek Tips An easy to browse site.  Lots of tips for all current Windows platforms.  Also lots of support information.
Windows 95/98 Tips and Tricks Brought to you by ActiveNetworks.  They have lots of support information to include:  DVD, IE, all Windows platforms, articles, fixes, FAQ's and much more.
TweakUI (Powertools)
All about PowerToys
Windows CE based PowerToys What you get, and how you get it.
Win 98:  powerToys/TweakUI This site helps you install this User Interface (UI) utility.
MS PowerToys Download PowerToys here
PowerToys for IE4 This site explains what this utility is made to do in IE4.  Also, they supply you with the downloads.
PowerToys- Install Guide Complete instruction on installing your PowerToys Utility.
MS Configuration Utility What is MSConfig, how to use, search this site alphabetically.  Contact them for any tech advice.
System Configuration Utility Advanced Troubleshooting Settings Support document for Windows 98/ ME. Fine tuning Windows 98 - About the System Configuration Utility.
To Start System Configuration Utility From Microsoft.
Windows 98 Troubleshooting tool PC World online provides some helpful insight on using the configuration utility.
MS Office
Microsoft Office From Microsoft, get resources, fundamentals of use, in-depth product information, support and much more here.
Development Tools Get tons of information about many of the development tools this has to offer.
Office 97 Get information on, and help with Office 97.
MS Office Tips Has tips on Word, Excel, Powerpoint and misc. tips.
Inside Microsoft Office 97 Lots of tips, tricks and resources.  Feel free to post a question on their message boards.
Woody's Office Portal A one stop shop for all your Office questions.  Has a discussion forum and you can email Woody with your Office questions.  Lots of helpful resources here.
Installation Instructions for MS Office Suite Includes instructions for IBM compatible and Macintosh systems.
Web Authoring
HTML Help by The Web Design Group This is an excellent site for learning HTML.  Complete with tutorials and help forums.  Ask them a question here and they will respond usually in <24 hours.
Help Authoring Resource Center Providing assistance in HTML, Web Design, Tools selection and more.
Absolutely Free Webmaster Tools/ Meta Search Engine Find all the tools and resources that you will need to make a web site right here.
WEBalley- Web publishing for beginners A very well laid out site to help with HTML, writing, tools, software & promoting.
Web Design Help This site is centered around getting you started and keeping it free.  
Don's Place - List of links, Web Authoring/HTML A nice collection of others' web pages.
Web Tools Lots of resources for tools, tips and techniques.
CNET.Com- Web Building Browse their many resources to find what you're looking for.  Lots to choose from.  Includes a helpful how-to section.
WWW Authoring Information The heading on this site states that it is no longer maintained, but there are still lots of useful tools here.  
Beginner's Web Authoring Workshop This site has very easy to understand instruction.  A great head start for people new to web design.
A Few Scanning Tips This site has a lot to offer.  Get the basics here along with many other bits of information.  This is a one-stop site for all your scanning informational needs.  Includes:  Links to manufactures, books on scanning, frequently asked questions, links to other scanning sites and much more. 
Scanning FAQ A good resource for question and answers.  Many other links that will provide lots of information.
Sullivan's Online Scanning Resources Lots of good tips and resources here
Microtech Home Page Get support and drivers here.
Mustek Get support and drivers here.
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