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Just so you know....  Many of the links on the following pages are to info/pages I have saved for my own convenience, so that I can find them again if I need to.  I did not write those pages, nor do I make any attempt to take credit for them.  


Internet Issues

The following links are to pages outside of this web site.  I have no connection with them other than the fact that I think they are very helpful, I use them often and I recommend them highly.

Trend Micro's

Virus Encyclopedia Search


Truth or Fiction

Email Reality Check

Trend Micro's

Hoax Encyclopedia


CIAC Hoax Pages



Detailed database of file extensions and programs that use them.  If it's not in any of the databases you will be given a link to a page with hints on how to do further research. FILExt
These are both online databases of explanations for those entries in your msconfig>startup utility.  They also tell whether or not it is okay or advisable to remove them. Windows Startup Online Repository
Startups List
These sites do (basically) the same thing, only with regard to entries you can find in your Task Manager. You can start your search using the search engine below. Task List Programs




Network Security Sites

WinXP Tech

Here             Here
Here         Here
Here   Here



Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

Free Online Computer Lessons

Firefox 2

Firefox Help, Tweaks and Extensions

Create A New Firefox Profile

Beginner's Guide to Firefox

Make Firefox Faster

Pimp My Firefox


.All About Phishing