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           THEORY (see also Reading)
Simple Tutorials
How to Read Music pt 1 - This basic Learn to Read Music page was written by a lady for her friend because she couldn't find anything she felt was easy and fun.  
How to Read Music pt 2 - Continuation of the link above. There is a very good graphic showing the notes on the clefs that you may want to download for future (offline) reference.
Music Instruction - Page-to-page lesson on the basics of reading music.  Covers the clefs, rests, notes, time signatures, etc.  Has sound samples.
A Little More Involved
Lesson 1 - This site is amazing! Everything you need to know about general music theory and tablature including guitar, bass, keyboard, etc. A great educational site for all musicians.
Lesson 2 An intense, studious, and outright fascinating piece on the musical relationships between harmony and rhythm. This great educational resource is by musician Stephen Jay. Great for guitar players and keybord players too!
Lesson 3 - A fantastic compilation of musical terms, tabs, and definitions relating to tempo, dynamics, and style, from Gary Ewer's fantastic "Easy Music Theory" site. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
               TIME SIGNATURES (see also Reading)
Lesson 1 - An explanation of time signatures by Vinnie Angelo 
Lesson 2 - Melodic examples. Well written and easy to understand, from the "Easy Music Theory" course.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)    


























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Setting Up - The Super Basics Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Beginner Drum Lessons
Beginning Lesson & Misc Beats

Warm-ups 1 Warm-ups 2 Warm-ups 3 Warm-ups 4

Practicing Site 1 Practicing Site 4
Practicing Site 2 Practicing Site 5
Practicing Site 3 Practical Sticking Excercises

Simple 8th Note Beats
Beginner Fills
Straight 8th Patterns
16th Beat on Bass Drum
Basic Beats w/HH
Misc Beats

Basic 16th Note Beats
Basic 8th Note Beats
136 Drum Beats
Rock Beats w/HH Upbeats

Drum Licks


3/4 Accents  
Beats and Accents

Single Stroke Roll

Single Stroke Roll - Introduction      
Stroke Roll Combination Lessons    

Bass Drum

Exercises for Bass Drum " (click on Independence Exercises 1)    
More Bass Drum Exercises    


                           TRIGGERING  (see also Electronics)
Lesson 1 -A basic "how to" on building your own triggers for drums.
Lesson 2 -Specific, detailed instructions / plans for building drum triggers. Knowledge of midi, D4 module, etc.



Drum Tabs 30 - How to read Drum Tabs! This great page walks you through basic steps of drum tablature such as notation, dynamics, triplets and repeating measures. New!