The Knight and his Faithful Steed


The epic tale of a knight


He rode through the country side on his gallant steed

The ebony horse his only friend

His only companion

And it is of these two I tell my story

Weaving it into the ever growing tapestry of tales

So that it may forever be remembered



The knight was a slayer of dragons

The savior of maidens

Respected hero of kingdoms everywhere

He fought for his king

He fought with valor and strength

But his life was to be cut short


His prancing pony

Portraying just as much strength as the knight himself

Standing his ground while the knight slay the dragons

Bearing the extra weight of the maidens

And he too was respected, as the knight’s mighty companion

But his bravery would not help save the knight

On the doomed day,

No matter how hard he would try


A scream

Was heard hurtling through the thick air one misty morning

And the knight and his friend where on their way

Armor glinting, tail whipping, galloping,

Racing through the dewy meadows

Past the dark, looming trees

Pathway dappled with the light of the sun weaving through the canopy above



All was quiet

As they arrived to a clearing

Even the trickling stream

winding its way

through the grass

Made no sound.

No sound at all

Birds ceased their singing

The noise of the forest

died away

And they did not

feel alone.




Out of the shadows, a soldier did step

Sword at his side, bow on his back,

arrows daring to reveal themselves just behind his head

The one and only sworn enemy of the knight

Standing there, just ahead of them

Eyes shifting, hands quivering, a smile on his thin lips


The scream sounded again

And a bird swooped down from the sky above

A falcon, blood dripping from its talons

Having freshly killed.

The soldier sneered,

turning to face the knight directly

A terrifyingly confident look in his eyes

The knight’s midnight pony stared defiantly

Waiting for a signal from his master

And with one sweet whisper they were galloping

Racing again, straight for the soldier

The knight’s sword out, preparing for attack


But the soldier knew the secrets of the knight

Knew how he fought,

And with the knights jab of a sword

The soldier was down

Lying in the green grass

Breath shallow, slowing to a stop


Trotting over to where the body lay

The steed and the knight looked down at the body.

Dismantling, the knight stabbed his sword into the dirt

And he kneeled to pray for the man he had just slain

The soldiers eyes opened…


The stallion saw this and leapt towards the man

Letting loose a warning neigh

For the knight to hear

But all was too late

A dagger in the knight’s heart the soldier did place


The dying man, astonished, could not move

And death wrapped its icy fingers around his throat

Soul sucked from his very body

He fell dead


Anger and heartwrenching loss

Raged through the midnight stallion

Attacking the now standing man with his sharp hooves

Justice shall be served to those who deserve it

Surprised and alarmed the soldier could not fight back

And the horse pawed him to the ground

Ending the soldiers life with one final blow

He too, now lay dead


The horse kneeled down next to his friend

Skin still warm but cooling quickly

And the faithful steed never left his side

Fought off the wolves

Kicked away the body of the other man

And stood watch over the knight every day

Every day until the day he too, died.


The story of the knight and his loyal friend

Is one of faithfulness, and the love of friendship

Perhaps their tale will be remembered

Or perhaps forever forgotten

But as long as the loyalty to those you love exists

So shall they.