When the kids were little they would say or do things that I swore I would never forget. Luckily I knew myself better than that. I started a journal for each of them that I would write in whenever one of those occasions presented itself. Well, actually, and regretfully, I didn't manage to get every single memorable utterance, but I did get quite a few. There were those times when it just wasn't possible to go get the book and log an entry, so I would jot it down on a nearby scrap of paper to enter when I got a chance. Many of those little pieces of papers are lost, of course, and then there were also those times when there was no nearby scrap of paper and I had to try to remember it for later, which I usually was unable to do... As the girls got older it got easier, especially with Kelley. We went through a long period where, Whenever she said something that made me crack even the faintest of smiles, she would immediately and eagerly ask, "Are you going to write that in my book?"

It was more than just the cute things they said, though. It was also about watching them as they discovered life, and how it works. And how they reacted to the answers I gave them to the questions they asked. (My answers were more creative than factual a lot of the time, just so I could see what their reaction or reply was, which was usually pretty funny.) It was about how amazing it is that a little kid can be so fascinated by simple things... and about the kinds of questions they will inevitably ask.... some mind boggling, some silly...and how that their silly questions sometimes get sillier as they get older.  It's also about how amazing it is when you take two sisters who are only 15 months apart and raise them in the same environment, that you get such extremely different, diverse, unique individuals that are so very similar in one important way:  they both make me laugh.  In Kelley we call it "gullible".  In Kate we call it..."blonde."  

Through the years we have had a lot of fun re-reading the books. It always amazes me that even though we have read them many times, I still smile when I peruse the pages, and I still find myself saying, "Oh, that's right! I'd forgotten about that!" 

This is definitely something I would suggest every parent do for their child and for themselves.

Anyway, here they are. I'm sure they won't all be as humorous to you as they were (and still are) to me, but I think there are a few chuckles to be had.