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Fantastic site with great sections on herbs, supplements, homeopathics, anatomy & other relative info.


MotherNature.com and Rodale Books have partnered and have the complete text of the following books available to read in their Online Library!
  The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies Series
  Focus on Seniors 
Focus on Men
  Focus on Women
  Herbal First Aid and General Herbal Remedy Handbooks


  Leaning Toward the Vitamin and Mineral Aspect

    Homeopathic First Aid Remedies  


From MotherNature.com and Rodale 

Online Library of Herbal Remedy

Herbal First Aid and General Herbal Remedy Handbooks

Symptoms, Their Causes & Cures by The Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
Based on the advice of leading medical practitioners, this comprehensive, A-to-Z reference guide from the editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books decodes hundreds of symptoms - from ankle swelling to dizziness, insomnia to rashes, seeing spots to taste loss. This book offers a variety of treatments as well as advice on when to contact a doctor. "...enjoyably as well as informatively readable." - Booklist

The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook by James A. Duke, Ph.D.
Thousands of safe, natural remedies lie untapped in jungles, forests and herbal gardens throughout the world. Now America's foremost authority on medicinal plants and herbs shares his knowledge of these hidden reserves of healing power.

Herbs for Health and Healing by Kathi Keville and Peter Korn
This book boasts chapters on safe and simple herbal formulas for dozens of health problems, special herbs for women, men and children, using herbal fragrances to heal, herbal first-aid, cooking with the healthful herbs....and more! James A. Duke, Ph.D. describes it as, "...an easy-to-read, neatly organized sourcebook for safe herbal treatment for most of the ails of modern humanity."

Dr. Duke's Essential Herbs by James A. Duke, Ph.D.
At a time when good health is at the top of everyone's most-wanted list, the world of herbal cures and home remedies has exploded. But how can you tell what herbs are best for you? Whom can you trust? Now, one of the nation's foremost authorities on herbs and the author of the million-copy bestseller The Green Pharmacy opens his own herbal medicine chest to reveal 13 key herbs that keep you healthy and strong lifelong. In Dr. Duke's Essential Herbs, you'll learn the secrets behind his top 13 herbs and how to make them part of your regimen for healthy living.

New Choices in Natural Healing by Bill Gottlieb
Natural Home Remedies for Whatever Ails You! From acne to asthma... from backache to bad breath... there are natural remedies that will work for you! They're safe, powerful and proven effective! "This is a significant new resource in the field of alternative medicine." - Library Journal "This volume offers a clear, concise introduction to a wide range of complementary healing practices from around the world." - Publishers Weekly

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The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies Series

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies by The Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
If you were stranded on a desert island and needed one self-help book- one medical companion that would let you effectively and safely treat almost any health problem- this would be the book. It is the print equivalent of a wonder drug: a remarkably powerful, all-purpose product with enough strength to heal millions of people, including yourself.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II by Sid Kirchheimer and the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
Over 1,200 new doctor-tested tips and techniques have been included in this sequel to the best-selling The Doctors Book of Home Remedies, including professional advice from 500 new doctors. If you've read the original book, you'll find a whole new world of feel-better possibilities. If not, you have a lot to look forward to.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Children by Denise Foley, Eileen Nechas, Susan Perry, Dena K. Salmon and the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
This book is filled with extra-clear, easy-to-find information on the most effective treatments for dozens of minor complaints that you can take care of at home. Here you'll find the techniques that really do clear up diaper rash, tips for dealing with sibling rivalry, advice on how to treat bee stings, and more. With more than 1,100 tips from pediatricians, researchers, nurses, dietitians and child psychologists, this book is an indispensable guide for every parent.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Women by The Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
The first self-care book for women based exclusively on advice from women doctors. This book is at the forefront of a revolution in medical care-heightened demand for women physicians by consumers. At some medical schools, half the graduates are now women. And experts predict that eventually the majority of U.S. physicians will be women.

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Seniors by The Editors of Prevention Health Books for Seniors
At last, an at-home healing guide written especially for seniors, from the people who know home remedies best. More than 350 doctors who specialize in the problems and health concerns of older men and women offer easy self-help solutions for everything from everyday complaints like back pain and constipation to more serious concerns like prostate problems, osteoporosis, and angina.

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Focus on Seniors 

Disease Free At 60 Plus by The Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
Learn how to eat your way healthy, exercise for longevity, boost your immune system with vitamins, minerals, and other natural disease fighters, control your weight forever, and remove harmful substances from your environment. What's more, you will find crucial answers to questions about aspirin, alcohol, smoking, hormone replacement therapy, screenings, sun exposure, snow shoveling, and more!

Natural Medicine for Arthritis by Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D. and Suzanne LeVert
Have pain, stiffness and impaired mobility become a way of life? Conventional medicine can't always relieve the symptoms of arthritis. The good news is that this distressing condition often responds to alternative therapies. The keys are in this book, which covers a wide range of alternative treatments including homeopathy, diet and exercise, meditation, acupuncture, and much more!
Focus on Men

The Men's Health Guide to Peak Conditioning by Richard Laliberte, Stephen C. George and the Editors of Men's Health Books
Finally- a workout book for your body, your lifestyle, your goals. This is the first exercise book to let you put together a customized workout for your exact needs. Written in the funny, conversational tone that has made Men's Health Magazine the definitive voice of men today, and featuring more than 400 photos, this book is the ultimate tool for achieving health, strength, and vitality.

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Focus on Women

Age Erasers for Women by The Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books and the Rodale Center for Women's Health
After a year of talking to experts and doing extensive research on how to stem the tide of time, our team of writers found that it is indeed possible for any woman to turn back the clock--or at least to freeze it in place. At the very least, this book will help you redefine your image of aging, so you can move into tomorrow with energy and anticipation.

New Choices in Natural Healing for Women by Barbara Loecher, Sara Altshul O'Donnell and the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
This is the first book to offer the best in alternative medicine, geared specifically toward women. Throughout this book, you'll find out what alternative treatments work best for the health conditions unique to women, and you'll find natural treatments for conditions that affect more women than men. Throughout this powerful reference guide you'll also read first-person, authentic stories from women who've healed themselves naturally.

Total Health For Women by Ellen Michaud, Elisabeth Torg, and the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
From acne to vision problems, Total Health for Women reports on newly discovered gender differences that are critical to making the right decisions about a woman's health.

The Female Body: An Owner's Manual by The Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books
There are lots of books about women's health. But none like this one. You can tell some of the things that make this book different just by looking ahead a few pages. There you'll find practical, useful, down-to-earth advice from leading doctors and women's health experts. You'll discover that their tips are easy to follow. Their explanations are straightforward--free from medical jargon. Their advice is as specific as it can be (though, of course, how you take it is up to you).

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Leaning Toward the Vitamin and Mineral Aspect

Nature's Medicines by Gale Maleskey and the Editors of Prevention Health Books
Complete, authoritative, and full of key information on both the rewards and the risks of supplements, this remarkable resource is guaranteed to help readers make informed choices about the vast array of vitamins, minerals, and herbs available over-the-counter today.

Prevention's Healing with Vitamins by The Editors of Prevention Health Books
Let these Proven Vitamin Cures Heal You Naturally -- Without Drugs or Surgery! The current explosion in research about vitamins and minerals makes all previous books on the subject obsolete. This single volume presents in practical, use-it-now form, the best of what doctors currently know about using vitamins and minerals to cure diseases. Highlights include vitamins to take to prevent heart disease; those recommended by cancer specialists; and the various uses for the B vitamins.

Your Perfect Weight by Mark Bricklin and Linda Konner
Following the program and tips outlined in this book can do more than help you lose weight- it may well deliver health benefits that you never dreamed were associated with weight loss. This thoroughly tested program, endorsed by editors of the world's number one health magazine, includes expert advice direct from leading weight-loss doctors, top exercise experts, nutritionists and spa chefs.

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