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Did you know ...
  • infectious diseases were over 90% resolved by the time vaccines came onto the market?
  • there are now 33 vaccines that are mandated by the time your child is 6 years old? and 40 by age 16?
  • that before 1991 there was no system in place for reporting adverse vaccine reactions whatsoever?
  • that only one country in Europe still has mandated DPT shots, whereas the US still requires 4 separate doses?
  • 43% of Gulf War veterans experienced side effects to vaccines?
  • 80,000 Gulf War vets have permanent medical conditions as a result of vaccinations?
  • that vaccination is not immunization?
  • that Hepatitis B vaccine was outlawed in France after 15,000 citizens filed a class action suit against the government?
  • that vaccines do not have to be proven safe and effective in order to be added to the list of mandated shots for American children?
  • the the mercury in most vaccines is dozens of times in excess of EPA safe levels?
  • that there are many new vaccines in the pipeline trying to get FDA approval so they can be tacked onto the mandated schedule?
  • that vaccination is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US?
  • that the US Congress has recently discovered rampant conflict of interest between the FDA and the vaccine manufacturers?
  • that in the past 20 years, autism has gone from being almost completely unknown to an epidemic that now affects as many as one in every 150 American children?
  • that the drug companies are not required to prove that vaccines will not cause cancer, and that no testing for carcinogenicity is even done before a vaccine is approved?
  • that all states but two have very simple exemption forms by which a parent can choose to forego all vaccines for the child?