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Interface Depot

The Photoshop Guru's Handbook




Interface Design Tutorialsons
 Realistic Glass/Plastic Pill Buttons
 Plastic Menu Buttons
 3D Orbit
 3D Sphere
 Aqua Buttons
 Inset Buttons.
 Aqua Pill.
 Clear Plastic Tabs.
 Micro Buttons V2.0.
 Gradient Buttons
 Push Button
 Plastic Button
 Button and Channels
 Button Bar
 Chrome Buttons
 Mac Tabs
 Glossy Buttons
 Micro Buttons
 Gel Button
 Animated Rollovers
Panels, shapes and interfaces
 3D Line Grid
 Audio Interface.
 Aqua Interface
 Adjacent panels
 Animated digital displays
 Basic Winamp skin
 Brushed Surface
 Cornering Technique
 Corroded Edges
 Complex shapes
 Creating rounded corners
 Embedded Slots
 Embed Slots
 Gradient Border
 Inset Lines
 Interface 2
 Interface Pattern I
 Interface Skin and Bone
 Interface Shapes
 Interface tutorial
 Inset Patterns
 Interface 1
 Inside Curve
 Inset lines
 Interface (tables)
 Interface panel with rollover effect
 Metal Plate
 Maximizing use of Textures
 Nice beveled metal
 Navigation UI
 Outer Bevel
 Outer Bevel II
 Plastic and chrome.
 Pixel Borders.
 Pixel Bevels
 Pixelated shadow
 Rounded edges
 Remote control
 Remote control 2
 Realistic digital displays
 Smooth Metal.
 Three parts interface tutorial
 TV Screen
 Converting text actions to interfaces
 Navigational User Interface
 Sun Flare
 Slicing images
 Tiling Images with Tables
Wires, pipes and other parts
 3D Ring
 3D Pipes
 Assembled pipes
 A rusty lattice
 Chrome Rings
 Chrome Caps
 Chromed pipe
 Glass orb
 Glass sphere tutorial
 Gradient Menu Bar
 LCD Orbs
 Metallic Tube
 Metallic screws
 Pattern Wire
 Rivets & Screws
 Segmented pipes
 Segmented Pipe
 Segmented Pipe 2
 Signed pipe
 Shiny screw
 Screws, rivets and more
 Tab Menu Bar
 Wires & Cables
 Wire tutorial

Mood and Lighting effects

Soft focus effect
Creating sunsets
Adjustement layers
Layer blending modes
Smooth and highlight an image
 Simulating depth of field
Add color with layers
Faking depth of field
Compositing light
Atmosphere effect
Cross processing

Artistic effects
 Creating watercolor paintings
 Creating an aged photograph
 Creating a sketch look
Creating a watercolor
  Emulsion lift off
 Artistic filtering
 Quick painting
 Perfect blend
 Digital pop art
Scanline effect
 Page curl effect
Cityscape painting
 Fun with layer masks
 Pen and ink watercolor
 Watercolor from a photo
  Oil painting from a photo
 Line drawing from a photo

Frames and borders effects
 Edges and frames with masks
Creating a torn/deckle edge
Painting with an eraser
Vignette effect
 Creating a frame
Easy photo frames
Photographic edges


  Photo retouching tutorials
 Classic Photoshop
 Photoshop and the web
 Nice tabs interface design
 Rippled metal
 Creating tape strips
 Coloring a line art illustration
 Tuning a car
 Simulating a barcode
 Impressive glass orb

Text effects
 Gel text effect
 Eroded text
  Text reflection
 Shattered text
 Gradient text effect
 Glass effect
 Rainbow glow
 Spooky text
 Motion Shadow
 Patched text

These tutorials will show you how to create impressive text effects:

More Text effects tutorials

  Photoshop 7 capabilities
 Transparent bevel text
 Rough metal text
 Toxic waste text
 Pixel bevel text
 Easy rusty text
 Mud effect text
 Chrome text 2
 Shattered text
 Extruded text
 Ufo glow text
 Chrome text
 LCD display
 Plastic text
 Spooky text
 Neon text 2
 Metal text 2
 Stone text
 Metal text
 Aqua text
 Neon text
 Fire text
 Gel text
 3D text
 Ice text

Dirty text
X-ray text
Alien text
Snow text
Cubic text
Gel text 2
Chalk text
Jewell text
Speed text
Wobbly text
Plastic text 2
Linked letters
Mac OSX text

Chromage text
Fools gold text
Ray of light text
Bubblegum text
Photo inside text
Antique gold text
Four way fire text
Ray of light text 2
Smooth aqua text
 Hollow beveled text
Spikey chrome text
Embossed metal text

e tu
w you how to create impressive text effects:

  free photo enhancement resources for download
 AutoInterlace Plugin for Windows
 Dreamy Photo Plugin for Mac and Windows
 Download some free Windows plugins from Cybia
 BackgroundBlur filter from PhotoEffex
 Very simple photo frame Action from StarZen
 Border and frame actions from Moss Likenes
 Border and frame actions from Adobe Studio Exchange
 Image effects actions from Adobe Studio Exchange

free interfaces and templates resources for download
 FXZone Interface Depot
 Interfaces and templates from Eyeland Studio
 Samples from SederGraphics
 Interfaces from GuiStuff
 More than 500 web templates from FreeLayouts

 Psd interfaces from Andy Graphics
 Buttons and interface from Robouk
 Psd interfaces from FreePhotoshop
 Interfaces from GraphicsByDezign
 Psd Interfaces from EyesOnDesign
 Interface buttons
 Lots of Actions and Styles for your interfaces from ActionFX

  free text effects resources for download
 Impressive Layer Styles by PSXtras
 Lots of free seamless patterns by PSXtras
 Free Photoshop 6 type effects actions from ActionFX
 Free Photoshop 7 type effects actions from ActionFX
Lots of free artistic fonts from AUTOFX  (requires free membership)


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