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Am I Right - Misheard Lyrics Site

So you're thinking of becoming a Pirate, arrr?  You'll be wantin' a new name, then, arrr....  Go here, and tell 'em Captain Anne Flint sent ya.   Arrrrr!

What, you don't want to be a Pirate, but a name change still sounds good?  Check out the links below, then.   Arrrrrrrrr!

Name Generators

Evil-Sounding Name Generator

Lovecraftian Name Generator

Vampire Namer

Dark Minion Generator

Dark Ritual Generator

Evil Name Generator

Weird Name Generator

Pagan Name Generator

 Prison Name Generator


Late Night With Conan O'Brian Picture and Video Clip Archive

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News Mutiny

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Songs To Wear Pants To
I make songs in any genre, for free or for money, based on instructions people send me.

You can scroll down to read what some people have requested, and listen to the songs by clicking on their titles.