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Eyeball-Design | FxZone 2001 Photoshop Tutorials

Here's a link direct to SketchUp-user Grant Marshall's free Architext font:

You can try this one.
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identifying a font face can be found here:

Drawing and Illustration

Art Studio Chalkboard: Drawing  
- a series of online lessons in linear perspective, atmospheric perspective, shading and compositional models from Southern Arkansas University

Sketchpad: Drawing 101  
- step-by-step, illustrated beginner online drawing lessons, covering such topics as the importance of construction, geometric shapes, figure drawing and more   

SouthWind Art: Drawing Tutorials  
- illustrated, step-by-step, how to draw tutorials, with instruction in basic drawing steps, creating tangible, touchable hair, drawing principles, drawing tools, the art of shading and more

Mikey's Big Book Of Drawing Tips  
- short, simple, illustrated online drawing tips, covering such topics as action clues, animal faces, attention getters, basic shapes , body language, cartoon contortions, cool tricks for tracing, creating a caricature, creating depth of perspective, creating movement, dialog balloons, drawing airplanes, eye lids, feature exaggeration, futuristic artistry, heads , highlighting, horizontal symmetry, miniaturization, mixing realism & cartoon graphics, morphing, optical illusion, physical distortions, picture association, scribble people, sculpting with a pen or pencil, sequence, setting the stage, shading technique , shadows, simple guitars, surrealism, techno-toons, textures, twisted 3D effects and more 

Color Pencil Challenge  
- a monthly archive of illustrated and detailed online color pencil art lessons by a variety of artists, including "Rocks and Water," "Painting Florals," "Skin Tones," "Backlighting and Solvents," "Circulism" and more 

The Figure Drawing Lab  
- an illustrated tutorial on accepted conventions of figure drawing that have been used to model the figure since antiquity, with specific sections on proportion, shading and texture, and anatomical construction.
* This site contains some nude drawings in an artistic, non-sexual context, and as such some people may feel this site is inappropriate for some audiences. Please use your best judgment. 

- detailed, illustrated, step-by-step guides on Egyptian Art, African Tribal Art and Pencil Portraiture, with specific instruction on drawing Egyptian heads, Hieroglyphics, African mask patterns, large pencil portraits, drawing eyes, noses, moths, ears, pencil shading techniques and more

Celebrity Portraits  
- a step-by-step, illustrated guide to drawing life-like pencil portraits, using famous faces as examples

How to Sketch Faces in Charcoal 
- an illustrated, step-by-step overview to sketching faces using charcoal and a brush on prepared paper

Celebrity Caricature in America 
- a historical guide with detailed illustrated examples to the traditions and innovations of caricature drawing in the United States

Gombrich on Caricature 
- an illustrated instructional article on the meaning of caricature, and the use of caricature throughout the ages and in different cultures

Hans Deconinck Caricatures: Tutorials 
- printable, illustrated, step-by-step tutorials on how to draw caricatures, covering such topics as how to distort the face, the humorous contrasting of shapes and more

How to Draw a Caricature 
- a short illustrated guide on the key elements of a drawing good caricature, with tips on likeness, life, exaggeration, line quality, the foundation, level of detail, drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks, jaw, ears, hairline, hair, head, eyebrows and more

Perspective Drawing  
- a brief, illustrated guide to learning to incorporate perspective in your drawing from a geometry point of view, covering horizon lines and vanishing points 

Drawing in One-Point Perspective 
- a step-by-step illustrated guide on the basics of one-point perspective drawing, covering such terms and concepts as the vanishing point, the horizon line, orthogonals, vertical lines and more 

Art Studio Chalkboard: Drawing  
- a series of online lessons in linear perspective, atmospheric perspective, shading and compositional models from Southern Arkansas University

Where do Folds Come From? A Drapery Study/Tutorial 
- an illustrated guide to drawing drapery folds with or without a reference


All You Need to Know About Cartooning 
- a concise illustrated guide to the basics of drawing cartoons, with tips on necessary cartooning materials, the creative process, controlling facial expressions through the eyes, adding action with wiffles, stinkles, puffles, whackos and whooshes, getting your cartoons published and more

Draw And Color With Uncle Fred  
- cartoon drawing for children by artist/writer "Uncle Fred" Lasswell   

Learn How To Draw With Gary Harbo  
- step-by-step cartoon lessons posted the first of every month   

28 Principles of Animation 
- an illustrated, step-by-step guide on the principles and concepts underlying successful animation and animation-cleanup, with tips on action and reaction, anatomy, anticipation, arcs, beat and rhythm, caricature, depth and volume, line and silhouette, model or character, overlap and followthru, perspective, planes, pose and mood, positive and negative shapes, primary and secondary action, shape and form, simplification, solidity, squash and stretch, staging and composition, straights and curves, tension, texture, timing, weight and more

Cartooning with Blitz: Cartooning Tips 
- an archive of brief, illustrated tips on how to draw cartoons, with tips on drawing animals like people, the basics of a cartoon head, drawing beards and mustaches, drawing body language, drawing a cartoon lion, drawing a happy expression, how to draw a scared expression and more

How to Become An Editorial Cartoonist 
- an illustrated guide to the practicalities of becoming an editorial cartoonist, with hints on passion, practice, production, promotion, persistence, publication, patience and more


Programs & Filters

Tutor Gig

Paint Shop Pro Users Group


Dragon Paint
Skin Based Wings - Learn the basics on how to draw bat/dragon/demon wings.

Feathered Wings - Learn the basics on how to draw bird/angel wings.

Fairy Wings - It's a sad fairy who can't fly... make sure your fairy can hover!

Dragon Tips and Tricks - Some tips and tricks for creating interesting dragons in a believable way.

Positioning the Body - The basics on how to position a humanoid form.

Basic Feet - The bare bones on how to get decent looking feet.

Basic Hands - The bare bones on how to get decent looking hands.

Claws & Talons - Some tips advice on getting those creatures some wicked claws.

Gryphins - It's a bird, it's a cat... no, it's a gryphin!
Inking Your Drawing - How to hand ink your line drawing with line value on paper.

Prepping a Sketch in Photoshop - How to adjust the contrast and sharpen your pencil sketch.

Soft Style Coloriong - A 2-part tutorial to give beginners a start on their way to coloring..

Cel Style Coloring - A 2-part in-depth tutorial on how to get started with cel coloring.

Coloring With Markers - Flat coloring with Prismacolor Markers.

Another Approach to CG - Give your digital image an overal feel from the start.

Shiny Hair - How to make that hair shine like none other!

Rays of Light - How to achieve easy sun and moon beams in Photoshop.


Line Art

Create Basic Line Art From Your Photos 
- Beginner to intermediate line art tutorial (Photoshop)

People Pics Into Line Art 
- Create comic book-perfect line art of people from photos

Coloring Line Art 
- in Photoshop, by Melissa Clifton

Vector Art

Vector Art With Photoshop 
- Tutorial showing how to turn photos of people into vector art like in the commercials

Introduction to Vector Drawing 101 
- a short, illustrated guide on how to create clean, cuttable vector clip art from a photograph using a drawing program, with tips on scanning a photo, how to draw well with the pen tool, adjusting the line thickness and more

Ron's Vector Graphics for Paint Shop Pro 
- an illustrated guide to the basics of vector drawing using Paint Shop Pro, covering such topics as the basic vector tools, the fill and stroke attributes, making a basic cartoon out of shapes, node editing and more

Mastering Illustration Programs 
- illustrated guides on the principles of using such computer drawing programs as Deneba Canvas™, Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDRAW® and Macromedia® FreeHand®, with instruction on using anchor points, line segments, paths, predefined object shapes, vector objects and more

Corel Painter Tutorials and Experiments 
- illustrated, step-by-step guides on how to use Corel Painter to achieve certain effects, with tips on using the sketch and the woodcut effects for line art illustration, scanning and colorizing a black and white drawing, the gel cover method, painting under a drawing, creating an eye, restoring an old photo, colorizing a black and white photography, making a wine label and more

The Freehand Source: Tips Archive 
- step-by-step, illustrated tips on how to various effects and resolve technical issues in the Macromedia FreeHand computer drawing program, with tips on creating aqua style buttons, creating snowflakes, creating weaving celtic knots, creating a spider web, creating perspective shadows, creating a metal spring, arrowhead editing, making a 3D pie chart and much more

Freehand Tutorials & Tips 
- illustrated tips and guides on drawing with Macromedia Freehand but with principles and procedures applicable to all computer drawing programs, covering such topics as computer drawing techniques, cool metallic gradients, keyboard shortcuts for the pen, perspective drawing technique, primitives, using a blend as a fill, using connector points, vector illustration and more

Amalad's Web Advice: Bezier Curves Tutorial 
- short, illustrated step-by-step tutorials on using bezier curve tools common to most vector-based computer drawing programs

Bezier Curves 
- an illustrated tutorial on the artistic and expressive aspects of using Bezier curves in computer drawing programs, with instruction on curvature range, using curvature range to bring life, dynamics and expression to a curve, architectonics, visual weight and more



Font Island
Large assortment of  categorized/alphabetized fonts.  
*There is no search option.
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There is a new design challenge every month.
To Boogie Jack's Website!
Excellent HTML and graphics tutorials & other webmaster resources.
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There are massive amounts of Paint Shop Pro tutorials offered here 
each month.


Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Central  
- A melting pot of information, ideas and resources about Polymer Clay.


Polymer Clay Cyclopedia  
- Tips, techniques and lessons from around the world.

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